Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trying to figure out ways to make my blog catchy and appealing has honestly been driving me nuts!

I have been wanting to sell my creations for years.  I usually give as gifts.  I've had sales here and there and made a few bucks, that was great.  But never pushed to make a business.

When I finally decided to push myself, I knew I wanted to create a separate blog (separate from my advocate blog) list my items and continue to create art.  I needed to create an Etsy Store.  "No problem", I thought.  I shook thinking it wasn't going to look as good as other stores, nor would items sell and it would be a waste of time.

"But it has to look good.  It has to be professional."

Why did I feel the internal torture of the words 'professionalism' and 'perfection' (haunting my brain) that was keeping me away from just allowing the creativity that comes naturally?

Then came an "Aha Moment"!  Something else sneaking up from the past ~ that clutter of cobwebs that needed to be shaken away, yet again.  It was always drilled in my head to be the BEST at everything when I was young.  Although, not always a bad thing.  Just when it makes you feel unworthy.

Many times throughout my life, these thoughts kept me from making 'the next steps' in life.  Due to fear of making a mistake.  If I make the next step and fail, I would be a disappointment.  So, I just stayed where I was because it was 'safe'. 

But the desire of always wanting more and not moving to the next step left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. 

I am up for the challenge.  I am learning how to write a blog and how to start a business.

I can make mistakes and it is ok!  No one is going to yell and scream at me anymore.  I am not going to allow it. 

I deserve respect.  Everyone does.

So I am going to have fun with my creations and enjoy what I love to do. 

And I hope you do too.

(photo credits:  suphakit73, Lisa McDonald, Clare Bloomfield)


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