How do we make our Pillows?

1.  Photograph and order is received.

2.  Order is reviewed for type of fabric, color, embellishments, embroidering, etc.

3.  Inventory is retrieved to process pillow(s).

4.  Photograph is reviewed for clarity, size, and printed onto fabric sheet. (No iron-on's used)

5.  Fabric sheet is sewn onto 16 x 16 (cottonblend or satinblend) pillow front. 

6.  Embroidering is completed at this time, if customer has requested.

7.  Embellishments, border around photo, etc. are placed on pillow at this time, if customer has requested.

8.  Ruffles are sewn to pillow, if customer has requested.

9.  Front and back of pillow stitched partially together.

10. Pillow is filled with 100% fiberfill.

11. Pillow is stitched closed.

12. Pillow is carefully wrapped & boxed.

13. Box is addressed and delivered by USPS to customer.

14. Moments in Time e-mails customer with picture of pillow and delivery confirmation.